Color Grade

We provide color grading services for every need. Our experienced colorists will help you find the perfect look for you project. This means enhancing your artistic vision by finding the right look, but also by doing any necessary color correction, and perfecting

Sound Mix

Sound mix for every purpose – from cinema to cell phone…  Our highly experienced sound mixers have worked with hundreds of projects; whether screened for TV, YouTube, Cinema or a combination of media formats. They can help give your project the

Sound Design

Sound Design is a perfect tool to engage and control emotions…  …in the mind of your audience. In addition to recorded sound and music – sound design is what makes your project emotionally pop. This is a critical step in

A Web Based Post Production House? HOW IT WORKS

Tutorials & Knowledge base

Welcome to complete step by step guides on how to export your project from your editing software to us in the proper way. This assures that our film and sound artists can start working creatively immediately, instead of crunching through time-consuming technical tasks first. And even though these guides are tailored for our needs - they are more or less industry standard - so when you know this, you know it all!

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