Submission Examples

Example submission description for a Commercial:

This is an ad for our new soda “Jupiter Fresh”, and the big reference of the ad is the classic Baywatch intro from the 90s. (See our reference links to the intro attached to this submission) So it’s very important that the color palette and artistic expression is as close to that as possible. Also, we want a couple of the shots to be at a lower framerate, to get the same jagged blurry feel. Except for the pack shot in the end. It should instead be crystal clean and modern in its look.  

The film will go both on TV in the US and in social media, so we want it delivered both in 1920×1080 29,97 frames for TV and a square cropped version 1080x1080px for social media. 

The upload contains all the raw footage (shot on RED) a reference video file, as well as an EDL and a Final Cut XML of the edit. The pack shot is already comped and made ready by our in-house editor, so we’d just like you to add your best and shiniest color grade to it.
Good luck!



Example submission description for a Short Film:

Our Short film “Out of space in space” is a 10 minutes comedy about an astronaut with claustrophobia, and we follow her life as she travels in a small spaceship between planets on her way to a special therapist in another galaxy. We want help with sound mix and sound design throughout the whole film. In the editing we’ve put a lot of our own sounds in, to have something while editing. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use any of this in the final film, since we don’t own the sound recordings, but it should be a good guidance for what we want.
The film will be screened at festivals and on German television station ZDF. Their tech spec is attached to this submission. So we’d like both a 5.1 surround mix, and a stereo mix of the audio.

We upload a Reference video/audio file, and an AAF from our edit. The recorded sound is on track 1-4, and music on track 5-6. All sound effects etc. that we cannot use are on track 7 to 20.

We have scheduled a screening with our co-producers two weeks from now, and would really like to have a first version to show them then. Can you make it happen?