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Outpostremote is a web based post production house for film and TV.
This means you can do your work for us from your own studio.
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We provide services within color grade, sound mix, and sound design, for international clients making all kinds of film and TV.


Outpostremote works like a classic post productions house – we manage clients, budgets/schedules, and make high quality post work! The difference is, we have no physical office. Clients upload their projects to us over the internet. The talent (you) work in your own studios. The feedback process and client sign-off is also handled over internet, always supervised by an appointed post producer from Outpostremote.
We offer two different service levels, called Basic and Premium.

Basic is for shorter projects and simpler jobs. The basic service is developed for clients that don’t have a big budget or tight deadline. This means fixed price rates – for the clients – as well as for you who perform the work. Basic is priced for flexibility, this is the kind of jobs you’d do when you have a little time over here and there.

Premium is for bigger projects and tighter deadlines. Our post producer plans and budgets the process, in collaboration with the team put together for the task. Salaries/rates are individual, set to reflect your level of work experience and the scope of work in each project.


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